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Searching for plants? Worfield Plants is a wholesale nursery providing a wide range of plants to retail outlets but they also now offer an online service to local consumers (minimum order £40).  Their website is:

The Royal Horticultural Society website provides loads of information on RHS gardens, events, education and also has a very extensive plant finder section for help in selecting suitable plants for different locations in your garden.

BBC Gardeners World has a detailed website providing advice on tasks to do each month, plants for different places, reviews on gardening products, etc. Users can subscribe to the site to access further information only available to subscribers (free).

Each year the Shropshire Historic Churches trust have an open garden scheme to raise money for local churches. Many of these gardens are only open under this scheme and many are  within easy travelling distance of Wolverhampton. The full list can be found on the Trusts website.

Shropshire Historic Churches Trust Open Gardens

Gardeners seeking plants recommended by the RHS website will find an excellent selection at Plant Hunters Fairs. This organisation provide advice to gardeners and the ability to purchase special plants for your garden. The website provides details of their newsletter and calendar of fairs;

2020 Plant Hunters’ Fairs 

Specialist Plant Fairs at Beautiful Gardens and Countryside Locations; full details and dates of fairs on their website at:

Details may change due to prevailing circumstances. Keep up to date with their newsletter at at , or follow them on Twitter @plantfairs or Facebook Planthuntersfairs


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