Annual Show 2019 Results and Pictures

Entries for this year’s show were once again higher than previous years and follows a trend of increased entries.  Once again, all of the judges were very impressed with the quality of entries in all classes and felt that many entries would not have been out of place at National shows. Vegetables and fruit were the most popular classes and attracted entries from both members and a small number of non-members.

Trophy winners were:

Overall Show winner:   Jenny Tinsley
Fruit:                                  Maurice Jackson
Vegetables:                      Linda Bassett
Cut Ornamentals:          Jenny Tinsley
Pot Plants:                      Christine Prottey
Floral Art:                         Margaret Harris
Home Produce:               Jenny Tinsley
Photography:                   Sue Angus
Arts and Crafts:               Caroline Sanderson
Members Plant                Margaret Parkes
Ben George Award          Olive Magowan

Full list on winners and entries for each class are:

Entries First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
3 dessert apples (ripe or unripe) 11 Patty Jelic Ken/Margaret Parkes Pippa Pye
3 cooking apples (ripe or unripe) 4 Maurice Jackson Olive Magowan Robert Pye
6 Plums or at least 9 Damsons 3 Caroline Sanderson Linda Bassett Jean Chapman
3 Pears (ripe or unripe) 6 Linda Bassett Patty Jelic Mick Lowe
 3 sprigs of currants 1 Ken/Margaret Parkes
 9 berries 13 Maurice Jackson Maurice Jackson Mick O’Shea
5 White Potatoes 5 Linda Bassett Linda Bassett Mick O’Shea
5 Potatoes other than white 5 Mick O’Shea Linda Bassett Ken/Margaret Parkes
3 Carrots 4 Ken/Margaret Parkes Linda Bassett Mick O’Shea
3 Onions 4 Mick Lowe Linda Bassett Linda Bassett
3 Courgettes approx. 15cm long 5 Pam George Mick O’Shea Maurice Jackson
5 tomatoes more than 3cm in diameter 8 Tracey Hadlington Mick Lowe Linda Bassett
10 tomatoes less than 3cm in diameter 9 Jenny Tinsley Tracey Hadlington Phil Healey
5 French beans 6 Olive Magowan Phil Healey Mick O’Shea
3 sticks of Rhubarb 5 Jenny Tinsley Cynthia Tilley Ken/Margaret Parkes
5 Runner Beans 14 Phil Healey Mick O’Shea Jenny Tinsley
3 Beetroot 7 Ken/Margaret Parkes Olive Magowan Mick O’Shea
1 Cabbage (white or red) 5 Tracey Hadlington Linda Bassett Ken/Margaret Parkes
3 vegetables, same variety, not listed in 7-18 7 Mick O’Shea Olive Magowan Linda Bassett
A display of 3 or more different vegetables 4 Ken/Margaret Parkes Mick O’Shea Tracey Hadlington
The heaviest squash (includes pumpkin/marrow) 5 Cynthia Tilley Cynthia Tilley Phil Healey
The longest runner bean 11 Olive Magowan Cynthia Tilley Ken/Margaret Parkes
3 sprigs of each of 3 different species in a vase 6 Robert Pye Pam George Jenny Tinsley
3 sprigs of mint, same variety 5 Jenny Tinsley Cynthia Tilley Caroline Sanderson
Longest carrot 13 Margaret Parkes Paul Bassett Linda Bassett
6 Fuchsia heads, same variety 9 Jan Taylor Linda Bassett Jean Chapman
Vase of  garden flowers, mixed variety 6 Jenny Tinsley Olive Magowan Jean Chapman
3 stems of Dahlias or Chrysanthemums 15 Tracey Hadlington Phil Healey Tracey Hadlington
3 stems of  any flower, one variety 5 Pam George Caroline Sanderson Jenny Tinsley
1 stem of a rose or roses 7 Ken/Margaret Parkes Mick O’Shea Olive Magowan
3 sprays of the same flowering shrub or tree 7 Cynthia Tilley Pippa Pye Olive Magowan
3 specimens of the same decorative foliage 4 Jenny Tinsley Jenny Tinsley Jenny Tinsley
3 sprays of the same berried tree or shrub 4 Olive Magowan
1 pot ( any size ) of any flowering plant 5 Christine Prottey Maurice Jackson Christine Prottey
1 pot ( any size ) of any foliage plant 5 Pippa Pye Jenny Tinsley Ken/Margaret Parkes
1 pot ( any size) of any cacti or succulent 3 Christine Prottey Debbie Anslow Jean Chapman
1 pot  (any size) of any pelargonium (geranium) 0
FLORAL ART (accessories permitted) –note 17
A Christmas table centre arrangement 5 Jill Porteous Margaret Harris Sue Angus/Margaret Harris
An arrangement for a song title (to be stated) 6 Margaret Harris Jilly Gutteridge Jilly Gutteridge
A display of flower heads on water (single or mixed 8 Jan Taylor Sue Angus Pippa Pye
An arrrangement to fit in a cup and saucer 6 Margaret Harris Christine Prottey Jilly Gutteridge
Buttonhole comprising a single flower, 5 Sue Angus Pippa Pye Margaret Harris
Victoria sponge ( recipe provided ) 5 Jean Chapman Linda Bassett Alison Morgan
A fruit loaf or cake ( your own recipe ) 4 Jenny Tinsley Margaret Harris Tracey Hadlington
4 cheese scones ( recipe provided ) 6 Tracey Hadlington Margaret Harris Linda Bassett
5 meringues ( your own recipe ) 3 Jenny Tinsley Tracey Hadlington Caroline Sanderson
Carrot cake (your own recipe) 6 Margaret Harris Caroline Sanderson Jenny Tinsley
1 jar of jam 13 Alison Morgan Jenny Tinsley Caroline Sanderson
1 jar of curd 5 Debbie Anslow Jenny Tinsley Caroline Sanderson
1 jar of marmalade or jelly 5 Alison Morgan Cynthia Tilley Caroline Sanderson
1 jar/bottle of pickle/chutney/savoury sauce 8 Tracey Hadlington Caroline Sanderson Tracey Hadlington
1 loaf of bread (bread-making machines allowed) 4 Paul Bassett Paul Bassett Tracey Hadlington
A bottle of cordial (fruit or flower) 3 Caroline Sanderson Jenny Tinsley Caroline Sanderson
An interpretation of Summer 13 Pippa Pye Jenny Tinsley Jenny Tinsley
Life in the garden 21 Sue Angus Pippa Pye Christine Prottey
A single flower close up 20 Sue Angus Sue Angus Jenny Tinsley
A drawing or painting 12 Linda Bassett Paul Bassett Jilly Gutteridge
Textiles – an item of children’s clothing 3 Caroline Sanderson Caroline Sanderson Caroline Sanderson
A bird feeder – base maximum 40cm square 8 Nigel Tinsley Caroline Sanderson Paul Bassett
A logo  for the Wolverhampton Horticultural Society 7 Paul Bassett Caroline Sanderson Eloise Tigue

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